The Wonderful World of Leif Podhajsky

This started as a post about the wonderful graphic design of Leif Podhajsky, the artist behind (for example) Young Magic's all cover art. Because I love his work! The images are so amazing!

But as I went deeper to the world of his work of course it went to the music road. I know that I already told you about Young Magic but I'm so into their music. Especially now when I found their mixtapes here. I don't know why I didn't found that site earlier because all the mixtapes are downloadable for free! And their all great! OMG, my version of music heaven!

And then I got really obsessed when I noticed that they're going to have a European tour this spring. The closest place their going to play is at Stockholm on Friday 1st of June (and the gig is free). I so want to go there but it would be awesome to have some company. Anyone interested?

The Aleatoric Series

I found this from my sister blog. The Aleatoric Series is what happens when you combine a painter Michael Cina and an artist-cum-engineer Matthew Shlian. Looks amazing.



These images by photographer Richard Mosse are quite owerwhelming with all the cruelty of war (I couldn't show you the most horrible photos here but I recommend to check out more of Mosse's work from his website). The images are taken with an infrared camera which makes the landscapes look surreal.


Beautiful things from Williamsburg

I'm so loving this apartment in Williamsburg, NY. Especially these plants and the old map on the wall where they have pinned the places they've been. Because so long I've been wanting to find a map like that just for that same purpose. Still looking.

Also: I'm still having a huge travel fever and STILL wanting to visit New York. I think I have to do something about that. Meaning: have to go to New York, soon.


Gliese 667 Cc aka Super-Earth

Take a look at the sky. Because there could potentially habitable planets out there in our own Milky Way. Like Gliese 667 Cc which here is visioned by an artist. I want to wake up in the morning and see "The Red Dwarf" (local sun) shine. Then take a swim in that calm water.


Chrystal pastels

I've noticed that I haven't posted anything about stones lately. So today is the day! Just look how beautiful this one looks. This will be inspiring my spring hair look which is coming soon (hopefully my awesome hair beautician is reading this).

Found via Is there love in space?


Pantone tarts

These Pantone tarts are so cute! Beautiful colors and beautiful tarts (makes me want to eat them all).

Found via Griottes


Get happy

Yesterday I saw an episode (from season 7) of House MD where there was this musical dream scene with this song. And it was AMAZING! Hugh Laurie singing with the hint of Clocwork Orange and freakish dancers. And I usually hate musicals! But I've been listening to this hundreds of times after last night.

See it here (I couldn't get the video here on my blog).

Animation found via i want to be your vicodin


This weekend I was invited (with my collegues from work) to celebrate the opening of a new hotel/restaurant/nightclub Liesu at Alavus. I didn't know what to expect but I was quite blown away what I saw. The place was totally renovated with good and quirky taste without forgetting the traditional local feeling. There was lots of people, drinks, music, latest lighting technology and we got to stay a night in the hotel so it was also convenient (straight from the bar to bed without going ouside).


Stamp kit

Again great things from TORAFU. I'm loving this stamp kit set. Makes me want to spend the whole day just with colours and stamps and papers.


Girl can't have too many shoes

I usually find it easier to find cool and good shoes from flea markets. You can have great quality shoes that are cheap and it's unlikely to see the same shoes on anyone else. Just like these shoes that I just bought from a flea market nearby! These are for winter (which is now turning to spring) but I know that when the next winter comes I'm going to need shoes like these! Plus I like the graphical detail on the side. (And I'm a shoe addict, I know.)



Portraying animals

Call me weird but I'm not that into animals. I like them when they are in the nature, in their original and natural environment, not pets. I just don't like people humanizing animals. Ok, now I've said it. It's done. I usually don't tell this to people because after my confession the reactions vary. Some get mad at me, some think I'm just cold-hearted. And it's just too awkward.

This was an introduction to my post which today is surprisingly about animals. Because after I saw these beautiful animal portraits by photographer Simen Johan it got me thinking. These are taken the way we usually portray human beings: the presidents and CEOs and all the other great characters. There's something quite human and surreal about these. And though I usually hate the humanizing aspect with animals, I think I like it with these images.

Found via but does it float


Grimes love continues

No one told me that there's a brand new Grimes album!!!! Maybe you remember how I fell in love with Grimes just few months ago and now there's already a new album! I think I'm in heaven. The album sounds perfect.

Nebula fabric

Yesterday's post inspired me to explore how I could combine my love of nebulaes to my love of fashion. I had seen these Christopher Kane dresses but I just can't afford to get them. So I've been surfing around Internet to find clothes and fabric with nebula prints. I have the feeling that I might order some fabrics with nebula prints because I have this idea of a dress on my mind that I want to make. But if you know any reasonable priced places to buy clothes with space-inspired prints, please let me know!


Sky Atlas

Next time you're going on a trip to another galaxy or constellation remember to take your own sky atlas with you. Because now it's actually possible! It took 14 years and about 300 million dollars for Nasa's WISE to explore the sky around us and the images are breathtaking. I am and will always be totally amazed with the beauty of our universe and images like these. 


New old shoes

Call me old-fashioned but when I like my shoes, I want them to last (OMG, I sounded like a Loréal advertisement). But it's also ecological to fix you're favorite shoes and clothes and not just buy a new one. So I like the services of my local shoemaker. My favorite boots we're falling apart and I took them to her. She made my boots look like new!



Polaroids are so beautiful. So the idea of framing them a little bit bigger is just as beautiful. I want Polaboy!

Found via Uusi muste



Today is the perfect day to show you 3D user interface in a cool way. CNN ECOSPHERE Project looks like broccoli but it's so cool to actually see people communicating in social media. Of course I like this because the visualization looks like solar systems. (Perfect day as I was introduced to faster world of social media, apps and just faster communicating with my new work iPhone.)

Found via Voidobjects



In 2008 when I was travelling in India I remember considering going to visit Auroville, Tamil Nadu. It sounded so strange and intriguing at the same time. The town was founded as a project by Mirra Alfassa "The Mother" and the whole township is based on living in peace and harmony and to realize human unity. The architecture is specially designed by Roger Anger and it certainly looks a bit different than other Indian cities. Well, I never ended up actually going there but maybe I will. It still fascinates me.

Found via Synaptic Stimuli


Into: Concrete

At the moment I find myself drawn to all things concrete. It's such a rough and cold material but somehow it's so interesting and beautiful. I would love to live someday in a big loft apartment with a concrete stairs or floor or with a just hint of concrete somewhere. One can dream.


The Art and Science of Cooking

I'm so intrigued by these photos by Ryan Matthew Smith that he took for a new cook book called Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking. You can definitely see that the book is made with a team of scientist, chefs, inventors, editors and former Microsoft chief technology officer (yes, Nathan Myhrvold wrote it with his team). I think I have to have this.

Found via FFFOUND!


Young Magic

My weekend music fixation: Young Magic. I'm in love. Their music sounds like something new and something old put together and then it's sent to space and to a different planet where everything is freakishly mimicing Earth but you know it's not Earth. Ok, maybe it's better if you listen to it yourself. Also just because their music videos are the most beautiful ones that I've ever seen.

Thanks for Vilja from Hei Berliini for the hint.

Sparkly from Young Magic on Vimeo.

Drawing Down The Moon from Young Magic on Vimeo.

The tattoo

Ok. Now it's decided and official. Yesterday I had my first consultation with my tattooist and we booked a time for me to get my new tattoo. It's not until June but I really wanted this tattooist to make it so I guess I can wait. I've been planning this for a long time and I also thought that I had come up with a great design myself but then I decided that my tattooist can design the tattoo for me as she was so overwhelmed and excited about the idea. It's gonna be so great, I know it already. I'm not going to tell you the ideas behind that tattoo but I'm gonna give you clues. Visit here and check out the pic below (which is just a draft).

(And no, it's not going to be the whole arm or leg tattooed!)


Creative socks, part 2

Remember this post a while ago? Well, I got surprise today from my Mom. She got inspired and made me these socks that are so AWESOME!!!! Thanks Mom! LU.


Ode to women

Today we had an Ode to women moment at my work. That was so sweet: the guys arranged a special coffee moment with different pastries for us!

I'm having a little fun with my womanhood by posting this funny exam answer (more here, check out because you're gonna laugh). You can here the truth from children.


Growing sweet potatoes

As the spring keeps coming, I'm finding myself addicted (as always this time of year) to growing different plants. I allready got my Pelargoniums up from the basement and they're making little leaves. Now I found this pic and decided that I have to start growing sweet potatoes like this. Just have to.

Found via The Selby is in your place


Soap gemstones

It's been a while since I posted anything about gemstones, one of my favorite subject. And these might look real but the cool thing is that they are soap! I want every one of them. Get them here.


Tampere Film Festival 2012

Soon it's here! Something that my collegues have been making to happen this winter (all the posters, catalogues and other graphic stuff). Tampere Film Festival is a short film festival that always has something interesting to show. I'm going to see at least Megacities and Workingman's Death. Also lots of other great stuff there. Totally recommended.


Frankie Rose

Omg, I'm so in love with Frankie Rose's new album Interstellar and especially this song called Apples for the sun. This will be my new spring album, definitely.

Happy pills

These vases by Fabio Novembre for Venini remind me of the time when I studied glass design. Because these look like they've came out from my sketch book.

Found via designboom


Sunny Saturday

I love Saturdays like these. First, having my dear friend all for myself, breakfast with her, then lunch with my sister at Telakka (the greatest halloumi salad that I've ever eaten), then coffee and lounging at a café. Just chatting and talking about everything in life. And the sun! I'm so energized by all of this.