Technics love

Look what we found from flea market!!! A piece of dj history from late 70's!! This just waited for someone to carry and love it and we just happened to be on the right place in the right time. A digital-era-guy told us that it's not worth buying and its total crap but we knew that it's a piece of diamond as you can see below. We calibrated the weight of the needle and turned the amplifier on. 300% ear candy!

Special guest starring for photos: Z.


Wes for Advertising

I didn't know Wes Anderson makes also ads!!!


Akos Major

It's funny but as soon as I bumped into these photos in but does it float I recognized the pics from Hungary. I guess my summer vacation there taught me what Hungary looks like. And I really like all the photos by Hungarian photographer Akos Major. So dreamy!


Moroccon rugs

I want to decorate my flat entirely. I would love to go out hunting for beautiful old furniture and stuff and just renovate everything and paint the walls. And I want these Moroccon rag rugs!

Found via Design Squish Blog and secret little gem


I want to ride his bicycle

I got introduced to Olli Erkkilä's amazing bike designs and got totally addicted. These custom made bikes are the coolest!


The Gold of Forests

I. Love. Forests. And I love autumn. Picking mushrooms, wandering to the hill of your childhood, eating lots of good food made of the ingredients that you just picked, sauna and watching the Milky Way. We went to Huruksela and experienced everything I love about autumn.



How to get your daily adrenaline rush

Weekends are the best. Finding secret places is even better.


What is infographics?

Here's how Hot Butter Studio explaines what is an infographic. With cool and simple way of course. I like.

Found via Cool Infographics


Shattered flowers

Flowers soaked in liquid nitrogen and then smashed to pieces. I really like this idea by photographer Jon Shireman.


Lick my planet!

Are these planet lollipops totally awesome or totally awesome?!?!?!

Found via Fancy



It's always wonderful to see your friends. To know that they will give you a place to stay over. That they will set their alarm clock to wake them up on Sunday so that they can spend more time with me. And that they can be artistic with my hair. That they organize big 30th birthday parties where we can all see each other. To know that they are really happy for me and that I can be really happy for them. That they make me drinks and food that should make my flu go away. I just love everything like that.