Wood + Metal

These benches and stools by Hilla Shamia are amazing! She has combined wood and aluminum in so creative way! Love.

Found via Creative living


Sam and Suzy

This is dedicated to Z <3 I feel like dancing.

Bond + Aschan

Just look at this interior design in Aschan Coffee & Deli! The design and branding is by Bond. I love how they have combined the jugend feeling of the space to the modern furniture and details. Every little thing just screams good design!


Angel lantern

From the summer to Christmas. Look what I just found from my nearest flea market: an angel lantern! This brings so much memories from my childhood. Every Christmas my mom used to build our lantern and light the candles and then the lantern would make this beautiful sound and angels we're going around. It was hypnotizing. I remember it being one of the most amazing things at Christmas.

I've been looking for this kind of lantern for so many years. Not so actively but still. And now it just waited for me in the flea market. I had to get it. This one has double circles of angels (the normal one has one) but it doesn't matter. It's still so so so beautiful and amazing!


Summer for my winter

I try to keep myself alive in this Finnish greyness by watching green photos from last summer. Oh, how I miss summer (and Budapest! The black&white photo is taken above the city, the night my previous camera got stolen. What a night!).

The Bold and the Beautiful

If you have missed a huge amount of The Bold and the Beautiful episodes in the last decade and you feel like you're totally lost with it, do not worry. Here's a video that summarizes it all. It's epic, adventurous and confusing. Just like the series.


Good Morning

How cute is this Good Morning -moca pot by Anderssen & Voll!

Found via Uusi muste



It has been so long time since I actually found anything from flea markets. But this weekend was a success. And we finally got my Juno connected to the computer and some music was created.

Music Sunday!

Hell yeah! All my favorites at the moment (for dancing or crying).



I woke up to the slightest ray of sun (now it's grey again). But it made my morning so perfect. Now Z is loading the table with all the delicious breakfast things. I love weekend mornings.


Analogue electronica

This guy is my new personal Jesus.


Fog + Pod

Again something cool has been invented for growing plants. I like this, you know that. Growing plants with fog! Designed by a group of students at the Victoria University of Auckland this Pod Fogponic System is quite interesting device.

Found via design boom


100,000 Stars

This interactive visualization made for Google Chrome is just overwhelming and amazing! It gives you some perspective in your world.


Food and wallpaper

This was my weekend in Jyväskylä: nights with sauna and good food and wine, decorating and renovating a beautiful house, candle light dinners, photoshooting C and just lounging. Perfect. I also got myself a little decorating bug, I want to decorate and renovate and paint and everything! Give me a wall!