Ricoh GX200

Camera family is growing again! I bought myself a smaller camera: Ricoh GX200! It's used but in a good condition and ticks all my boxes. I've noticed that I'm just too lazy to carry my big boy Pentax K-5 with me all the time. But I still want to carry a camera in my bag. And I like if it's quiet. And it takes cool, a bit tinted and very high in contrast photos. And look how old-fashioned and nostalgic it looks! Perfect for me!



I just came across this Hungarian designer Nanushka (real name Sandra Sandor). Cool clothes! Especially the denim pieces.

Linen sheets

Lately I've had some strange sleeping problems. Waking up all the time and then I just cannot get to sleep anymore. Z blames the moon, I don't know what to blame. But it's a good time to think about sleeping (which I love) and bed. For a while now I've been dreaming about linen sheets! I've been hunting linen fabric (to make my own sheets) or just the perfect sheets from somewhere. Any recommendations (Mom, who is your linen dealer)? Still hunting.


Jiro dreams of sushi

Last night I watched this documentary of the best sushi chef in the world. It was so elegantly made, touching, beautiful and gave lots to think about. One of the best documentaries I've ever seen.


Don't give up

New Washed Out album! New Washed Out album!!!!



These textile designs by Kustaa Saksi are just amazing! His exhibition Hypnopompic is now at Korjaamo and it looks very interesting.

Photos from here and here.

Restaurant day / Flea market

We spotted ourselves on this photo!!! On Sunday it was Restaurant day and there was a little tapas restaurant and flea market on Z's backyard. It was so nice. I made some good founds.


Go to: St. Petersburg and Tallinn

The second trip on my summer holiday is here: a cruise to St. Petersburg and Tallinn with Kristina Katarina. It was actually a quite special trip as all my siblings were there and my mom, her man and most importantly Z, too. It's so rare to even have my sister and brothers in the same room nowadays so the 4 days on a same boat was just luxury! And the food on the boat was absolutely amazing, as always.

We spent two days in St. Petersburg which was very dreamy but strange city. I've always been interested in Russian tsars and the whole city just pulsates history and stories. Lately the old parts of St. Petersburg have been renovated and you can just imagine horse carriages going around the canals. We visited glamorous palaces covered with gold, garden bigger than you can imagine but still, everything seemed a bit sad. An old era that will never come back.

Well, enough of historical stories and nostalgia. We also visited some turist attraction places and one day we shopped in Tallinn. It was just a perfect ending to my holiday.

And!!!! When we were leaving the port of Helsinki I saw the King of Norway coming to his boat!!! The King!!!! WOWOOWOWWWW!!!


Pacific Light

Loving this video by Ruslan Khasanov! Colours to the people!




Look what I got from my little brother! A wooden stormtrooper! I love it! And it was our good luck charm while roadtripping.



I love this table by Fredrik Paulsen. Especially the way he has dyed the wood surface! This makes me want to test wood dyeing, now please.


Go to: Roadtrip in Finland & Norway & Sweden

I'm back! At Tampere, at work, at blog. My summer holiday felt so much more longer than a month, we got the time to go so many places. So there will be epic posts about all my trips!

But let's start with our amazing roadtrip to the Arctic Sea. It was so amazing, especially Norway (we both fell in love with that country). I've never been to Finnish Lapland so that was an experience too: seeing reindeer and new plants. And miles and miles of road. But the most Northern sea was something to be seen. It was so magical with the mountains and clear waters. There are no words.