And not a second without the third post today. Because the jewellery that I was talking about in the last post totally deserves it's own post. Most of the jewellery that I've seen are beautiful, wearable and ok. But when I see them I think that I can live without them. They are not that amazing.

I've seen twice the jewellery by Laurase, a Finnish jewellery designer who uses recycled old spoons, forks and old Finnish currency, marks and pennies in her designs. And every time I'm just left thinking that I need almost every single piece of her designs. Need! I think I've tried all of the rings which are the most amazing rings I have ever tried. And every time I'm just seconds away of using all of my money to get me some of her designs. It's insane.

Saturday shopping

I finally got the time to go to this amazing used bookstore Lukulaari at Tampere. I actually was looking for two specific children's books but ended up finding a box full of Jules Verne books. Then I met my friend and we headed to a vintage market (if you're at Tampere, go and visit Tallipiha because the market will be there tomorrow too and the place is also quite nice with it's little boutiques). Well, there we saw these old bikes and tried on some of the most beautiful jewellery. And after that some lunch and swimsuit shopping. So quite nice Saturday.

My dream home

Now it's found. This apartment at Chicago has all the elements that I want from my dream home. It's spacious, it has brick walls, it has wooden floors and ceiling, a fireplace, a big kitchen, perfect bedroom and lots of light. When can I have the keys, please?

Found via More Design Please


Circus is in the town

In the late 1880s Charles Eisenmann photographed these circus people dressed as Victorian society (so that the real Victorian society could have their amusement). I think these photos are beautiful in a very mysterious way.


Nature + art

It rains all the time here. So it reminded me of this great nature artist Andy Goldsworthy and his rain art. He also makes some other great stuff using nature's ingredients. As does Cornelia Konrads whose art is just as amazing.


Stolen goods

Now that time has passed a bit, I can admit that I stole this super cool poster from Jyväskylä.



More music!

I realize that there has been a lot of music lately in my blog. But I can't help it. The music tells so much about my days! And I always find it so exciting to find something new that I wanna share it with you guys.

My midsummer

A lot of biking around Tampere, having morning coffee at the nearby park (and burning myself at the sun), making a dreamcatcher, having fun with my nailspolishes, geocaching (which is so awesome!!) and just relaxing. Perfect.


Oh yeah, Grimes!

And did I mention that I have tickets for myself and my sister to see Grimes at November in Helsinki!!!! Can-not-wait! (And as soon as I started writing this, my playlist started to play Genesis by Grimes. It's destiny.)

RGB Silk

These digitally printed silk scarves took my breath away when I saw these photos. They are designed by Milan-based Carnovsky and the collection is called RGB and I want every single piece of that collection. I don't know what would I do with them but I still want them. Totally beautiful.

Found via Designboom


Mister lies (and more)

I just fell in love with Mister lies (Z, I think you will like it too). And I also found some other great music and videos. And then I had to put also old founds here too. Great way to start Midsummer nights. (I notice that almost every one of these are kinda 80's inspired. Weird.)

The tattoo

Here it is!!! Love love love. My new tattoo is still quite tender and red but who cares when it's so cool (and when you can take a black&white photo).


Theme music for a new tattoo

Tomorrow I'm gonna show you my new tattoo! Because today it's all red and covered with plastic. But it's so amazing! I had it today and we had such a great time with my tattooist. So big thanks to Veera at Takomo. Today I'm gonna let you listen some theme songs for my tattoo. Because these were the songs we listened while making the tattoo.


Go to: Kotka 2012

BEWARE! Because this is going to be the longest post I've ever done in this blog. An ode to Kotka, to Finnish summer which is so beautiful and so short and to nature. I spent the most amazing weekend at Kotka, my original home town. There was so much going on and I had four of my cameras with me. I think I have to make a list first about everything:

- I saw my Mom, my sister, my two brothers and lots of other people
- I ate breakfast at my Mom's balcony and she told me stories about me and my siblings when we were kids. I laughed so much that my little brother woke up.
- I visited my sister's pop-up second hand shop Pilkku (check it out on Kirkkokatu if you're at Kotka. And Anna, you're amazing!)
- I watched people doing graffitis at Kaupunki Haltuun!-happening
- I made some art at Bertta
- I first lost my camera's lens cover at my sister shop, then I dropped one to a river
- I was blown away with all the colours of azalea park
- I went by the sea and saw a huge anchor, islands and xylophone
- I visited my godparents and went for a swim in a hidden lake, then some sauna and grilled sausages
- I had a long morning walk with my cameras and got wet on a summer rain
- I made some food with my Mom and had it with the whole family

And let me just tell you: Kotka is quite a nice place to visit! Because for so long I thought that there's nothing and now there was so much. I actually cannot wait to go back there.