Afternoon with the kids

Last Saturday I spent the day celebrating my goddaughter's 7th birthday. We conquered snow mountains, fed trolls and made brooms. And then fried pancakes. Lots of them.



I quite like the ceramics that Vaja makes. Simple and you can see that everything is made with a great craftsmanship and quality. And their vaja (a shed) is situated in the idyllic Loviisa in a shed!



The sun is shining outside! I feel the longboard season coming! I want to have a longboard (perhaps from Finnish Lonkenstein)!


Rainbow head

I've tried many things with my hair but rainbow colours is one thing that hasn't been on my list. Until now. Everything rainbow is so cool!

Found via Laura de Lille and DB/CB


Home 1.2

This post has been coming since the New Year but I haven't been able to get proper photos from my flat until now (I blame winter=greyness=no light). But here is my home which feels totally new because on the New Year's Eve we did a little changes. Actually we changed everything. But now my home seems a lot more functional and just right. And the best thing: all the wires going here and there causing so much swearing  and irritation and accidents are now next to just one wall. No more swearing.



Gram Rabbit / Miike Snow / The Acorn / Thievery Corporation feat. David Byrne

And more because I cannot sleep (and guess what movie I just watched, all of these are from its soundtrack)!

Light year / Short stories / SBTRKT / LTJ Bukem

It's Friday! Music for me.

Colour the world

I'm getting tired of this winter. Give me some light and colours!