Köszönöm Magyarország

Some of you may have noticed these on instagram already. But I still need to make a post here too about a wonderful homeless man who found my stolen credit card, driver's licence and all the other little stuff from my wallet and took it all to the Embassy of Finland in Budapest. And today I received a letter from "Hungary" and it included all those things. I just keep on thinking about that friendly man who bothered to make such a sweet thing. I know he's probably not going to read this but I'll send this to the universe: KÖSZÖNÖM! Én kínál egy étkezést, amikor találkozunk


Glass cities

Glass. Always near to my heart. Just look at these art pieces by Michaela Tomiškova! Her glass pieces are fun, beautiful and interesting at the same time. I think this is the most amazing glass artwork that I've seen for a while.


Living jewels

A while ago B hinted me about this Davines collection that is quite wild and cool. I think we have to make some experiments, B. Because these look just like something I would do with my hair.


The Amazing Sun

I was stunned when I first saw photos from astrophotographer Alan Friedman. The Sun as I've never seen it. You could just spent hours marveling his photos. I did that.

Found via Wired


Changing my wardrobe

It's Design week here in Tampere and today we went to Vaihtovaate-happening. The idea was to bring some of your old, good quality clothes and exchange them with someone else's. I made so good findings! And it was just great to spend time with my friend, having lunch at our lunch place and just watching people get happy about changing and finding things.


Chrome Sparks

Just one for Saturday.

Eastpak by Wood Wood

When I was a teenager, my favorite backbags were Eastpak. And now I adore their new collection made with Danish brand Wood Wood. Just look at these backbags!


Bear in Heaven / Chase&Status / Blundetto / Aphilas / Shine 2009 / Debussy / The xx / Peaking Lights

I haven't posted my Friday music fixations for a long time. Now it's gonna change. Beautiful, Secret of Mana -like synth sounds by Bear in Heaven, drum'n bass with African vibe by Chase & Status, hot summer day memories with Blundetto, new sounds from the amazing Aphilas, Finnish electro pop with Shine 2009, my favorite classical song by Debussy, dream music from The xx and somewhere beyond this universe with Peaking Lights.

Photos worth millions

Guess what? There are few photos from Budapest.


Akalé Wubé

Oh yeah and new music that we listened in Budapest. Ethiopian style jazz from France. Love.


If my high school philosophy book would have been something like this I would have been totally excited (and maybe without the fact that I couldn't get along with my philosophy teacher). Because this book called Filosofit (Philosophers) is just perfect for someone like me who wants the information to be compact and represented in a cool way. Philosophers, here I come!



I'm back to work and back to Finland. And this was supposed to be the most epic post ever in this blog with amazing photos from Hungary. But guess what: two of my cameras were stolen with all the photos with them. Damn. So here's a few drawings from my journey and you can see some photos here.

But I have to say: it was totally amazing with Swiss people, German people, animal stickers, green paprika, palinka, hot days and Milkyway. Thanks to Z making it that way!



Today's the day!!! There's no words. It's Budapest time. 


Packing/It's holiday time!

Today was my last day at work before my summer holiday. I've been waiting for this so long. Now I'm just packing and listening to Groove Armada because tomorrow I'm going to go somewhere. But I'm not going to tell you yet where to.  I've also decided that I'm gonna take a vacation from technology. No phone with apps, no computer and no blogging. So don't be too upset when after tomorrow this blog will be taking its summer vacation for few weeks.


Outdoors indoors

Some time ago I wrote about my thunder huts that I used to make as a child. But this goes one step further: a design version of an indoor tent by Jolien Hanemaaijer!