Flea marketing

One of the greatest feelings ever is when you let go of the stuff that is gathered around your house. The stuff that you don't need but maybe someone else will need. Today I'm taking quite a lot of stuff (mostly clothes) to a flea market near my home! If you are interested checking things out, it's table number 11!


Winter, I will kick your ass!

Finally finally finally!!! My long search for cool winter boots is over! I'm not that easy to please with winter boots (I want them to be comfortable, simple, warm - and the hardest part - cool-looking) and that's why all of the new boots have been left to the store shelf so many times. I don't want to compromise. I already quit my search for this winter. But then today I came across to these wild guys in a flea market near my workplace. OMG, I think I won't be taking these off my feet until all the snow has melted away. (I also found this cute and warm wool sweater that I just couldn't leave there.)


Making people die

I'm not a card or board game player person. But these two card games have taken my heart. Because with these two the point is to make people suffer and then eventually die. Yes, this sounds horrible but my dark side is addicted. May I present: Gloom and Quillotine! (And how cool are those transparent cards in Gloom!)



My new best friend from IKEA. I want to grind everything.


Getting the ice

Yesterday we made an epic trip to the ice.


Coffee and wood

This is perfect! Coffee, wood and skateboard! I love Esa Niiranen's skateboards!



Starfish skin

Look at these photos by marine biologist and photographer Alexander Semenov! The skins of starfish, underwater flying spaghetti and just anything beautiful, weird and unbelievable.


Linda Lundgren's food heaven

I adore all the food photographs styled by Linda Lundgren. There's something medieval about them, something mystical and all the incredients look so delicious.


Desert Island

These weeks have been crazy. But luckily I now have a place where to go to relax. Z's hammock.