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As I get older, I learn to appreciate more and more the fact that I was born at countryside. Near forests, river and fields. If you grow up in a place like that, you get a special way of dealing things, seeing things and feeling things. I know that now but it hasn't been always that way. I really really loved visiting my home village which is just pure beauty at summer. I did all the things that make life worth living: picked blueberries, cherries, strawberries and rasberries, biked through forests to the rapids of my childhood, spent lots of time in a sauna, marvelled my brother's wood carvings, rowed the boat at the river and let all the insects eat me. Everyone should do that.



I'm going to my home village tomorrow. And that's a small village in Eastern Finland. So you can just guess how amazed I was when I googled the name of the village, Huruksela, just few seconds ago and found out that there's a wikipedia page for it! Awesome. So here you can see where I'm going. See you soon!

(Yes. Lots of forest, water, peace and quiet there. Cannot wait.)


Danger zone

I love this song by Hooverphonic and this version with orchestra is so so so beautiful! Have to add to my must-see-live list.


Your aura

It's funny when sometimes you first talk about some subject with someone and then few days later you accidentally bump into the same subject without even trying to find it. This is what happened to me with these images. Photographing someone's aura or spirit seems a bit out of this world but I still adore photos by Carlo Van de Roer. And I'm totally intrigued.

Found via Its Nice That


A trip around the world

I know that everyone knows Google Maps. But do you know how addictive it can be? I have spent hours just cruising around our Earth, checking out some beautiful satellite images from different locations. You can see Niagara falls, Mumbai's slum area, Amazon rainforests... and it actually helps a little if you have a huge travel fever! (And one of these screenshots is from the place where I'm going to be in a couple of weeks!)


Love love love

Love Music Festival was this weekend. And it was lovely all the way to the end. My favorite: Groove Armada dj-set. I would definitely want to see them perform big, like this video.



B, I know you will like these photos! I mean here you can really see the drag transformation. The photos by Leland Bobbé are totally amazing and scary at the same time! Especially the Half-Drag and Neo-Burlesque portraits.

Aurinko (Sun)

It's Friday. I have the sun.


Delightfull, isn't it?

Art deco. That's what comes to my mind when I look at the lamps by Delightfull. I love the feeling of old times and the little bit of luxury in these designs.