First ice creams

How to spend a perfect Sunday:
- wake up with your friends and see the sun shine outside
- make excellent breakfast
- get your sunglasses, have a spring walk in the sunshine and locate every single green thing
- buy ice creams and let them melt a little in the sun
- bump into another friend and hang around with her
- have a drink at the terrace
- make a halloumi salad


Give me the garden!

This is the time of year when I'm totally convinced that I should move to a house with a little garden. Then I would just make everything bloom and grow and organize great garden parties and sleep outside under my apple trees. This dream doesn't include mosquitoes and problems with snails. Of course. But I know that I would be completely happy with taking care of my plants and seeing them grow. I would also make that amazing treehouse for me to hide.

Inspired by Kekkilä, treehouse found via Design Squish Blog


Hundred Waters

I've noticed that I usually find new music at the weekends. Like now. So this weekend's music fixation starts with Hundred Waters, again thanks to my sister. I'm reblogging her foundings faster than she even notices. But I couln't resist when I heard this.


This is just for you to see that it took only few days for me to update my whole music system. But it was actually by accident, well sort of. Because now I'm a godmother to these huge speakers and stereos. You just cannot imagine the bass that I'm hearing at the moment. It might be a bit too much for me too (and I love bass). And the boy who convinced me to be the godmother also said that my apartment looks like a boy's apartment.

I also made some other additions and changes here. Now I have a shelf for my shoes which is just awesome (moved from the bathroom to make room for a washing machine). And few new plants so that I can set up a jungle. A Polaroid-camera! And a red Poni-bicycle!



Everything by Murmure is just awesome!


Tapestry spectable

If you feel creative enough to customize your own glasses I think you should do it like this: Chloë McCormick and Nicholas O'Donnell-Hoare's tapestry glasses. And if you get bored, just change the colours and do it again.


Vacation with big V

I knew that I couldn't be away so long after all! And I actually found my inspiration to blog again this weekend. It was the most amazing, most relaxing weekend trip that I've had for a long time. It almost felt like going abroad although I just went to Jyväskylä. I spent time in a beautiful white apartment with great people to get to know to, amazing food and breakfasts, lots of music (Jyrock and Soup'n Sound) and laughter. Can it get any better than that? (Sorry about the picture quality, just my old dear Powershot was with me this weekend.)



Ok, I think I'm already regretting this as I'm writing but I decided that I need to take a little break from blogging. Just because my life is just quite hectic at the moment and I'm gonna go away this weekend also (and the next weekends are also booked and I want to enjoy them fully). And quite honestly I don't have the time to blog (and enjoy others blogs) as much as I want to. So a little break, just a little. I promise I'll be back soon. Because I love my blog!


Love Music Festival

From the last December I've been thinking about next summer and especially that which festivals would be great this year. And there are so many good festivals in Finland but every year there is just not a one that rocks my boat all over. But I think now there is: Love Music Festival! And it's here, in Tampere. And it's all about electro, dance and indie music. Just check out the artists: Basement Jaxx, Groove Armada, Regina, Shine2009, Huoratron and so many more! This is like an answer to all of my prayers. They started selling tickets today and of course I had to have mine. Can't wait!



Ok, so this is obviously the day of music because now I really need to post these videos too. Thanks to my dear little sister I'm now totally addicted to Broadcast.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi

This is what I'm listening at the moment. Loving all the 80's style music videos.


Something new

Sorry for the silence. I was (again) away for the weekend but now I'm back!

I'm so inspired and energized by the spring that I wanted to change things at my apartment. I moved my Juno-Di near the window and made a little art gallery above it. I think that's going to be my creative corner. I also found this awesome book that was on sale. A long time ago I blogged about a website called Information is Beautiful and this is the book version in Finnish. I saw it first time last summer but then it was quite expensive so I didn't buy it. But now it's mine and I love all the great and innovative charts.



OMG! Yesterday I heard that my work was shown on tv and now I actually saw it myself. It was this Finnish social program (check out Ajankohtainen kakkonen here, about at 35:00). I designed this wine bottle etiquette many years ago so it was so funny to see it here!

Kern Type

This kerning game is for all the typography geeks out there. And I'm warning: it's addictive!



This was already on Twitter but I'm now going to post it here too because I'm so in love with my new pink hair!


Easter realness

This was my Easter: the greatest food (especially our whole chicken that we called Sirpa), the greatest people, some alcohol, some strange weather and walks in the spring sun.