Clogs from Stockholm

I just got these beautiful clogs! These are a birthday present for me from my Mom! Thank you thank you! I ordered them from Lotta From Stockholm and the clogs feel so good when walking. And look so good too!

Babylon light

Mixing plants and design, yeah! I love this lamp by Object Interface.

Found via More Design Please.


All about the Stars

I bumped into this beautiful old book about stars by Anne Terry White. Loving the illustrations!


Birthdays, midsummers and black&white

The days go so quickly! My days have been full of fun moments: I had my birthday and midsummer and all the other days. We have a new member in our family: Ricoh! I have always hated being in front of the camera but now I decided to learn that a bit. Because I have the best photographer sleeping next to me! And so that in 50 years I can see how I was when I was 28.



A is for Alpine

Loving the album by Alpine. My summer music is found!


Sauna things by Marimekko

Last day at work before Midsummer! And the only thing I wish for it is the chance to go to a sauna. And these new Marimekko towels and clothes are so cool I would want to have them all.


B-day song

I heard this song in the morning when I woke up and now it's officially my birthday song for this year!

Helsinki cruising

Weekend in Helsinki: seeing my friends and new additions to our group, summer hair inspired by Africa and Karelia, great food and east Helsinki archipelago cruise. Good way to start the summer!



String-like and simple furniture with a hint of colour. Not a surprise that I think these pieces by Losgogo are so cool!



The rugs from Fossik are to die for!


Flower constructions

I love these flower art pieces by Anne Ten Donkelaar! They look so fragile and beautiful, like out of this world.