The Wonderful World of Leif Podhajsky

This started as a post about the wonderful graphic design of Leif Podhajsky, the artist behind (for example) Young Magic's all cover art. Because I love his work! The images are so amazing!

But as I went deeper to the world of his work of course it went to the music road. I know that I already told you about Young Magic but I'm so into their music. Especially now when I found their mixtapes here. I don't know why I didn't found that site earlier because all the mixtapes are downloadable for free! And their all great! OMG, my version of music heaven!

And then I got really obsessed when I noticed that they're going to have a European tour this spring. The closest place their going to play is at Stockholm on Friday 1st of June (and the gig is free). I so want to go there but it would be awesome to have some company. Anyone interested?

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