Candy ceramics

I have always liked ceramics when it's more modern, simple and white. Like Scandinavian design usually is. But when I saw these pieces by Takuro Kuwata I changed my mind. The colours and glazes are so beautiful and I love the rough feeling they have. Makes me want to go back to the ceramics course.

Found via ii-ne-kore


Beaches and cream

It's been so hot this week that I have spent most of my time at the beach or in the water. Yesterday we made a guitar cake for a boy with a special day and the cake nearly melted before we ate it.


Dirty Ghosts

I found this band called Dirty Ghosts yesterday. I really hope that they will get their debut album out soon because their music (the few songs you can listen at their myspace site) sounds so cool and fun.


Shadow art

These shadow art pieces made with everyday objects are amazing. More images here.



I love paper stuff. And as I bumped into this cool website by Confetti system, it was like paper heaven.



Bliss, bliss, bliss. I have been waiting for this. Björk's new single Crystalline by Michel Gondry. And it's just awesome!

Sound sculptures

These paint sound sculptures by creative studio Dentsu and photographer Linden Gledhill are made by using sound vibrations. And just how cool they look! More amazing pictures here.

Found via Designboom


Hipster Hitler

Hipster Hitler is a comic that is just genious. Fun, clever and insightful. It totally gives the reader the essence of hipsterdom. Take a look.


Sweet with sugar on top

Ok. So I'm not a wedding person. I think weddings are usually boring, uninteresting and often embarrassing too. I don't know if it's just the traditions here in Finland or are we just plain and dull.

But, as much as I'm not a wedding person, it has occurred that I really really really enjoy a few wedding inspiration blogs. Just because the weddings in those blogs are so beautiful, different and often organized diy-way (maybe it has something to do with the fact that the photography is also amazing). 

Photos from Ruffled and Once Wed


Summer colours

I love colours. All of them. All the hues. And in the summer the colours are so beautiful compared to the long winter which is just black, white and the shades of grey.

This week there has been strange summer weather here. Storms, sun, heat, moist, everything. But at the same time those weather conditions bring the greatest colours. I have visited new places and wild gardens, seen some old friends, learned about myself from my old diaries and done strange things that I later don't quite understand. I blame the weather. (And I'm in love with this little bar called Kahvilla near my home. I think I will be spending a lot of time there playing with Legos.)


Fun on Friday

This music video makes me laugh, dance and wish that tonight was as much as fun. I want to get my solarsystem fall and Hanson play at my backyard. I hope you have fun too!

Fall & Winter

Fall & Winter is upcoming documentary by filmmaker and artist Matt Anderson. It focuses on environmental issues and inspires us to take matters into our own hands to achieve a much more sustainable lifestyle. It sounds great and the trailer looks amazing too.

Found via Design Squish Blog



This restaurant in Åre, Sweden, is just so charming. All the folkflore things, fireplaces and even Fjällpuben's website with its cracking fire sounds is amazing. I want to go there and have a nice Swedish dinner.


Wooden diamonds

I know that the silence in this blog has been devastating, at least to me it has been. All of that because my internet hasn't been working but now (hopefully) everything is in order. During this week without internet I noticed that life without it (doing work or other stuff) is just hard.

These wooden diamonds by Jim Shaw are amazing!

Found via Deko-magazine 5/09


Carl Sagan

At the moment I'm confusing myself by reading Fred Adams's book called Origins of Existence: How Life Emerged in the Universe. Yeah. It is very scientific but, you know, I'm into science. Especially astronomy. So many interesting things in the universe.

Well, that book may not be everyone's first choice but if you really want to know about different dimensions (you may think we live in a 3D-world + time but we're not!) and galaxies and everything concerning our place in space I totally recommend Carl Sagan. This man was genious and in his videos like the one below he explaines difficult but yet fascinating things in the way that is interesting and easy to understand.


Life is art

This photograph made me smile because sometimes I feel I'm one of those little girls in modern art gallery: not really getting the art but focusing on life's little things that are more interesting art to me.

Found via Old Chum


Greens and whites

A glimpse from my balcony. I bought a basil and my pelargoniums are blooming. I love all the greens and whites in my home.


Washed out

Yesterday I found my new music crush. Washed out is Ernest Greene's project and he makes so beautiful electro music and it sounds like my summer. He has just released his debut album called Within and Without. I tried to find a music video for you but there's only one and it didn't give the right impression so I'm counting on you to find that album yourself and listen to it (or just go to his myspace page here)! I'm in music heaven.



This is sand. Magnified over 250 times. And it looks so beautiful. Look for more here.


My week

This week has been very adventurous. I saw great sunsets and swam to an island, had long walks, visited Pispala for the first time and swam a little more in the sunshine, had cold beer, saw the coolest horse ever and ate at "people's food tent", sold my things at local flea market and got sunburned. And the greatest thing: my friend fixed my bike! Great week, I hope you had one too!