This drawing by Ricardo Martinez reminded me of a picture I saw a while ago at Jyväskylä. It was a picture of a lynx and there was a text which said that the picture is by the lynx (spelling mistake I hope). It was so funny to think how the lynx would be drawing a portrait of itself.


Mies tulevaisuudesta / Man from the future

If you happen to be going to Lahti, check out this art exhibition at Gallery Oyoy. I know it's going to be amazing because I love Maiju's and Lauri's work. Congratulations and have the greatest opening night!



Space colonies

These images by NASA's adventurous design team from 1970's are amazing! Let's colonize space! I'm in.

Found via It's nice that


Moccasins and Poni's adventures to The Secret Forest (or how to spend Sunday)

This Sunday has been again very much summer. I spent the whole morning on my balcony, cleaning it, watering my plants, writing my diary, reading, listening to Simian Mobile Disco's new album, sunbathing and drinking lots of coffee. Then I went biking. I wanted to go to this secret forest and beach where we went over a week ago. Back then I didn't take any photos because there were so many things to marvel. But now I wanted to photograph everything in that forest. Because it's so magical! Unfortunately I saw a dead fox which freaked me out a bit and then all the mosquitoes decided to attack me. Great. But I still love that forest and biking and sun and now I think I will go to my balcony again to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

Summer camp

Just yesterday I talked about summer camps with my friend. Like did we used to go to summer camps when we we're kids and where the summer camp places were. And then I bumped into this band called Summer camp (AGAIN my sister finds greater music than me! Damn.). Summer music list is growing fast. This one's dedicated to you, Anna <3


Saturday in the sun

I think this was officially the first day of summer. Because I did all the summer things that I usually do on a summer day. And it's still May! And I also found the most perfect leather jacket (again from flea market, this has been the week of jackets). Then I saw my dear friend and we tried to find new bikinis for the summer (didn't find yet), we had salad lunch at Bistro Venla. Then we headed to the beach to watch boys play beach volley. I made flower crown for my friend and when she went to play volley, I daydreamed on the grass. Almost perfect. (And I love love love my new Poni-bike!)

The American West

These photos from the 19th century are taken by Timothy O'Sullivan when he was travelling across the American West with his darkroom wagon. I love especially the first pic from the Pyramid lake, a sacred native American Indian site. All of these reminded me of one of the best films I've ever seen: There will be blood. That period of time and place always seems so fascinating, cruel, mesmerizing, true and dusty.


Choir of Young Believers / Shlohmo / The Knife & Jenny Wilson

Just learned that there's a new album from Choir of Young Believers. I adored their last album and I think this new one won't let me down. Also found something a bit different: Shlohmo. Definitely night music. And something weird: The Knife with Jenny Wilson.

Bench fever

For a while now I've been wanting a bench. But not just any bench from IKEA or furniture store. I want something simple and rough (like that bench on the pic) and it seems that the easiest way to get it is to make it myself. But the whole operation of buying wood, a power drill and having the space to make the bench sounds too much right now. Maybe I'll just let the bench of my dreams wait for the future.

Found via Riazzoli


Paper diamonds

I wanna do these. Lots of these!!!

Found via Mini eco


Font heaven

Colleagues are the best inspiration when it comes to everything including graphic design. And this website of 100 greatest free fonts (which was recommended by one of us at work) is total bliss!


Denim jacket

The weather was so good that I decided to walk home from work. It led to finding this amazingly funny and cool denim jacket from flea market! I just couldn't resist myself as it only cost 3,50 €. I think I have to make small fixes to it but I have time because this is a winter jacket. Then I just sat on a park bench and enjoyed the sunshine and tulips.


Camera love

Lately I've been experimenting with different camera opportunities. Like with this latest piece of my camera collection. And with my iPhone's camera. So much to photograph and test!


Future Tampere

I found this website called Mieluisa Tampere by accident but then I immediately got interested. Mieluisa Tampere is an art and culture project which visions the future Tampere. They have so many interesting ideas about the city's architecture and overall lifestyle that I'm so hoping that they will eventually come true.


Music for the sunsets and sunrises

I have to post these too because they remind me of coming summer, sun and life with a good rhythm.

Airport lights

I love leaving. Because it means something new is going to happen. If you just stay, then some things never change. And it's so much harder when someone else leaves and you have to stay. It's always easier the other way round.

I guess that's also why I love airports and landing lights. All the people coming and going. It means leaving. And new adventures. Cannot wait to follow.


Girma love

The last days have been just Girma Bèyènè, my new music love. Just listen to that language! It sounds so beautiful. I would also love to dance to this. On a hot summer night.


Delta Heavy

This is maybe the coolest music video I've seen for a while.


Gallium, art and everything good

Long time, no see. But I've been doing everything awesome, fun and amazing. I was again at Jyväskylä, we celebrated everything 31, like Gallium. We had some excellent whitefish in white wine and also drinked white wine. I had three yatzy's (I'm not sure if it's written in that way). Then we went artistic and anarchist and made some Gallium art. And after that enjoyed some absinth at Vihreä Haltiatar.

We also ate aubergine and salmon hamburgers, made biking trips to the largest fleamarkets that I've ever seen (and the strangest also), spied people and I was at my first horse racing. And we enjoyed Mother's Day lunch and then burned our cheeks in the sun.