Pay day bonanza

A girl's right is to do a little shopping. Especially on a pay day. So I got some films for my Lomo and then I found the coolest winter faux fur in the second hand shop near my work. Perfect.


All the colours of the art

Maybe a year ago I visited Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki and one of my favorite pieces then was this artwork where there were ribbons in different colours hanging from the ceiling and making a kind of a room. You could go in to the ribbon room and it was beautiful. And because I like colours and simple things altogether, I totally like the other things the artist Jacob Dahlgren has made.



This is a pic from the girls of Honestly WTF. Golden temporary tattoo! I want that.


Eat Drink Man Woman

No this is not a post about Ang Lee's film. This is a post how four old good friends got together, ate lots of excellent food, drank wine and rum, said bye bye to another friend and then danced until dropped. I really enjoy slow dinners with great people and I most definitely enjoy the way how we all think of food: we live for it and we want to spend our money on great quality and local food. (I got again a great food-related present collected from Anton & Anton, the modern local food store in Helsinki.)


Straw wallet

I like this wallet of a friend of mine. Especially it's geometrical pattern. (I think she got it from Vietnam.)


Do the Lomo

Although technology is nice, I'm still the film camera kind of girl if I really want to take photos, not just snap them. Maybe it's just nostalgia because I grew up watching my dad develop films and photos in our darkroom. For that reason a few years ago I got myself a present: my own Diana F+. Lomography photos are like iPhone's Hipstamatic pictures, the difference is that they are on a film. And look how cool the cameras look!


The Twilight Zone

I once saw one episode of the original Twilight Zone from 1959 and I was hooked (I'm not that into the later versions). All the mysterious events and especially the beginnings stylish black and white design with a hint of dadaism. This is a must see.


The Crash Pad™

For this post I'm just going to quote the designers of this Crash Pad because I think it tells all the significant stuff:

"Two major industrial hazards for hard working designers are: 1. spending far too much time in front of a computer when you could be napping on the sofa. 2. Computers crashing and losing all that hard work.

The Crash Pad™ helps you to deal with both these issues as it serves as both a temporary cushion (for that much needed off-schedule nap) and also as a stress reliever for that moment when the spinning wheel of death signifies you’ll be doing another all nighter.

Punch The Crash Pad™ and not your Mac, as we know we secretly love them and would never do anything to hurt them."

- Inventory Studio

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French market

There was this French market with all the good looking cheeses, sausaces, crêpes and pastries. But the weirdest thing was that every day when I passed the market by there was a long queue in front of one particular stand. And guess what everyone was queueing!? Baguettes! Just one per customer but still there were so many people waiting to get the one. That must've been a very delicious baguette.


Vegetable present

My friends were visiting briefly here and they gave me the coolest present ever: a paperbag filled with vegetables and herbs from their own garden spot. I love that kind of presents! Here is what the bag contained.


On the beach

I adore the dreamy beach photographs that Italian photographer Massimo Vitali takes. And his website is just a perfect beach break itself with its beachy sounds.


Tokyo bike

I love biking. The problem is I also love old bikes. And they tend to be a bit troublesome time to time. Especially my bikes. My favorite was called "Ritari" (Knight). It never had air on the tires and then it got stolen. Now I have a bike that is a bit mangled, again problems keeping the air in the tires and few weeks ago its chain got off on the downhill (and no brakes working!). So you see why I totally need to get a new bike. I'm doing a bike research at the moment to know what kind of a bike I even want to have. And when I saw these photos (and colours) of Tokyo Bike I fell in love. It's cool, colourful and has everything I need with a simple design. I want one.



The awaited Björk's new album cover. Loving the massive hair and cool graphic design!

Jyväskylä night

I found these old pictures from Jyväskylä at night time. Maybe it is the darker nights of August or just the smell of autumn in the air but these pics scream mysterious nights - for me at least.


Once in a 100 years

This post was suppose to be yesterday but then my internet connection was not working. But today it was (hooray!). Yesterday was the strangest day for a long time: I started at my new job and when I bicycled home in the afternoon Tammerkoski rapids were missing water. I was so shocked that I almost lost the control of my bike. But the view was so cool! Apparently they are renovating the dam which happens once in a 100 years. (Sorry for the oh-so-poor quality of the pictures. I only had my mobile phone and its camera sucks.)


The High Line

Lately I've been feeling a little bit of travel fever. I don't know why but New York is often the destination that I think (in the springtime it was Tokyo). Maybe it's because I totally fell in love with the city's "park in the sky": The High Line.

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Good heart recipy book

This charming little recipe book by Sigur Rós' Jónsi and Alex Somers. All the food is raw food and this little book makes it look so delicious (although I quite like my meals also warm and cooked). See the whole book here.