Art loves food

Bompas & Parr, the gastronomic art duo that continued to play and experiment with food after their childhood. I just love this.

Found via The Avant/Garde Diaries


Bompas and Parr: Return of the Jelly Knights from Gestalten on Vimeo.



Last weekend was all about friends and forest. We spent the weekend here, had some wine and sausages, spent hours in the sauna, saw the first snow falling down, picked some icy mushrooms and made some delicious soup, pancakes and s'mores. And the mornings felt like Christmas mornings with slow and long breakfast, cartoons and dearest people next to me. Love to you all!


Bits and pieces

How awesome is this photo series called Disassembled by Todd McLellan, a photographer who certainly likes to know what's inside of different devices. This reminds me of my little brothers...

Found via Twisted Sifter


Autumn flea

I have so many dear and cool clothes but I just don't use them anymore. So what would be a better way to share them than to organize a flea market! And this time I decided to try to do it in my blog.

Unfortunately this is only available in Finland. So be quick and hopefully these clothes will find a new home. I'm about size 40 to 42 so the clothes are something like that. And the shoes about size 39. All the clothes are in good shapeand in good condition. Just ask more if you are interested in anything.

 From left: vintage denim dress 7 euros, t-shirt 5 euros, silk dress 10 euros.

 From left: vintage dress 6 euros, knitted and sequined shirt 3 euros, leather jacket 20 euros.

From left: green silk shirt 5 euros, jacket 5 euros, knitted top 7 euros.

From left: leather jacket 15 euros, chiffon dress 7 euros.

From left: ankle boots 5 euros, red boots 7 euros, ankle boots 3 euros.

The prices don't include shipping costs, those will be added.


Weekend adventures

3-year birthdays with wine and quiz, golden trees (the greatest here), geometrical power plants and lakes with black holes.



Can I get this for Christmas?


Kustom Kix

The coolest nebula shoes by Kustom Kix!!!


Gordon, oh Gordon

We're addicted to Gordon Ramsay. I know, it sounds weird but that's just the way it is. Every night we have to see one, two or three episodes of Kitchen Nightmares (tonight starting Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares UK episodes, yeah!). Yes, we have a problem. But there's just something about him...


Perforated photography

Pinholed old photographs and light coming beautifully through them. What is there not to like about photo art by Amy Friend?

Found via Plenty of Colour


Giuseppe vs. Klaus

Creating real-life portraits using vegetables, fruits and flowers is maybe the weirdest thing in art but Giuseppe Arcimboldo made the unsual paintings like that in the 1500's.

Then 400 years later photographer Klaus Enrique Gerves recreated these paintings. How amazing and weird at the same time!

Found via Dailymail


I wish...

...that I could have this as my home. It looks so beautiful with all those plants, light and wall clothing. Maybe something like that some day.



This image of Helix nebula by Nasa space teleschope is just breathtaking! This is where the stars die.

Found via Dailymail


The Punk Syndrome

Yesterday we watched this amazing movie: The Punk Syndrome (Kovasikajuttu). The movie follows this Finnish punk band called Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät and its members' everyday life. Pertti, Kari, Mika and Sami are mentally handicapped but that doesn't stop them to make music with attitude. I think everyone should see this. Just because you can learn so much about life from these guys (like that you can cry everytime you're happy and grateful, that you can fall to the ground everytime you see tits or that you can cancel things just because you want to dedicate a day just for yourself).

This movie definitely went to my top 3 of best movies ever seen.



I decided to dedicate this post to this creative Finnish guy who has the ultimate Finnish design blog: Kasper Strömman. All the things he makes or founds are the real Finnish design stuff. REAL like old Finnish postcards, vinyl covers, weird glass designs, designs from everyday life.  And I especially love his reviews about different assortments of sweets.

And now he has designed t-shirts for neighborhoods in Helsinki. How cool are these!!


World Chess Championship

This is one the coolest rebrandings that I've seen: Pentagram for the World Chess Championship. The 3D logo, the geometrical patterns and the whole visuality is just awesome!

Found via Co.Design


Between air

This is what I like the most about design: combining design, new technology, ecology and plants. I really like the idea of architects from Selgascano who collaborated with biologists and agronomists to make this installation for architecture biennale in Venice. The idea is that when the roots of the plant get light from the porous cylinders their planted into, they'll start to grow around the cylinder. Sounds quite efficient and wise.

Found via designboom


Candy design

These are sweet!!! I adore these candy-inspired furniture designs by Kristin Overbeck! Especially the lamp because I love that candy bracelet <3


Tame Impala / Santigold / Mark Ronson / The Congos

Music Friday is here again!!! Tame Impala's new album Lonerism is just bliss, Santigold's Shove it makes me dance as does Mark Ronson and then there is Heart of the Congos album which is on constant play on the turntable. Best weekend music!

Rugs and shoes

I already told you about the amazing found (our little Technics) from last weekend's flea market round trip. I also made some other amazing founds from that trip and here they are. These rugs that have the coolest, almost optical pattern and two pairs of shoes! Very successful trip indeed.


The Dark Energy Camera

It's the world's most powerful digital camera with 570 megapixels and it sounds like a Darth Vader's gadget. The dark energy camera (from The Dark Energy Survey) takes amazing photos from other galaxies and expands our knowledge of the universe. I'm totally intrigued and the camera also looks cool!

Found via Co.Design