The Arctic Ocean

Guess what! It's a time for break, my summer holiday, and we're going to a road trip. So the next few weeks we will be driving to the Arctic Ocean, to the ultimate North. And getting to know Finland better because I've never been to Lapland either. Now it's just crazy packing, thinking about how many cameras to take with us, what to wear, where to drive and what to see. And tomorrow we leave.

After that road trip we're going to spend some time in Jyväskylä and Kotka and then a cruise to St. Petersburg and Tallinn. So I think after one month I will return blogging with breathtaking images. Have a nice summer until then!


Bring the Noize

It's holiday time!!! Celebrating it with new M.I.A.


Sale founds and others

I've treated myself another gift because I found a cute little dress from the Marimekko's summer sale: Laiturilla dress. It arrived yesterday and I feel like Little My (from the Moomins) in the summertime when I'm wearing it. 

Another treat is inspired by my kitchen fanatic boyfriend who insisted that I have to stop poisoning myself with my teflon frypan. So he suggested that I should buy this traditional La Lyonnaise steel frypan which is a bit of a professional stuff. But after it arrived yesterday and of course Z wanted to test drive it (my job was to get rid of the old teflon frypan), I'm convinced that is the best frypan I've ever had! 

So quality at first is my new motto!



These porcelain cups by Studio PS are so great! And the colours so fruity and dreamy!

Found via this is paper magazine



Lately I've noticed (and maybe you too) that this blog has been a bit more quiet. I think one of the reasons is that I've developed an addiction to Tumblr. If you still haven't visited my blog there, then check out  I FEEL HOME. It's a blog about my future dream home, a place where I gather everything beautiful and important and inspirational to me.