Creative socks

This post is dedicated to my Mum. She makes so many pairs of wool socks for so many people each year that sometimes I feel I have too many pairs (I'm not complaining though). But because she knits so much, she also gets a bit bored with the same patterns she uses. So I hope these socks by LizSox inspire her. (And Mum, if you're reading this, could you please consider making me a socks like these? Because these would so so cool!)

Found via simple things


  1. Blue sock to left foot and orange sock to right foot... You´ll get them latest as Christmas present... LU mom

  2. These would put me in a great mood on a cold, winter's day. Just to peek down at them would make me smile!

  3. :D Thanks Mom!!! Maybe just two socks that have the same colours. Let's not get too wild. LU. P.S. I like your profile name.