I love the name of this headphone store called Aiaiai. And I love the headphones designed by Kibisi for Aiaiai.


The Simplest

These bags from Building Block tickle all the boxes for me because they are simple, black and geometric. Yes, please.


Rocks (or are they?)

Guess what these are (my first guess was just photos). Carly Waito makes breathtaking art by painting these amazing jewels! The paintings are so detailed that you can easily take them as photographs.

Found via but does it float


My future chair

I have been dreaming about this Chair_one since it was designed by one of my favorite designers Konstantin Grcic. But I think only now I will actually start to save money to get couple of those. Or maybe Santa Claus is awesome this year!


Fruit is the best jewel

Carmen Miranda, the Brazilian samba-singer from the 50's is my idol when it comes to decorating yourself. I want to have a necklace with bananas and cherry earrings with all the colourful head turbans and skirts.


Mind reading

This is amazing and scary at the same time. The scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, managed to make these ghost-like images of our brain activity by measuring blood flow through the brain's visual cortex. I know that the visuals aren't so sharp but you get the point. I'm again amazed what science can do. Maybe in the future we can see our dreams afterwards like watching a movie. Read more here.


My little ponies go wild

I've seen these before but now I bumped into them again. Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen makes pop art using old My little ponies. These three versions particularly made me laugh.

Found via Designboom



Yesterday evening I learned that one of the greatest bands in my life is ending their tale. That is why this post is dedicated to my first real love: R.E.M. I was fifteen years old and heard their song Lotus on MTV. Everything changed. The era of Spice Girls, Hanson and Backstreet Boys was over. And still this song is my favorite song of all times.


Colour theories

I love colours. And at school I used to love colour theory classes. Now it has been a few years since I left school and yesterday I remembered how much I love all that scientific aproach to the colours. Le Corbusier and Johannes Itten rock!



I'm almost a month late with this post but that doesn't mean that I didn't notice when Arabia launched their new tableware called Tuokio (Moment) designed by Helorinne & Kallio. I thought I would never say this but I actually like the cobolt blue and traditional feel on these.

Found via Kotilo


Summadayze 2012

When you see this ad video made by Tim Nudd you want to go to this Australian music festival. I know I do!

Colourfornia from Nick Thompson on Vimeo.



Yesterday I spent my day doing a little research about art and culture. Which means that in the morning I just sat in front of my computer and found new and cool stuff on the Internet and then I visited Borderlines-exhibition in Gallery Emil. I also went to Culture cafe Hertta and saw Aino Louhi's exhibition (and fell in love with that painting).


Delicious art

These glossy art pieces by Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers are awesome. In my opinion art is good if it makes you feel that you want to take a pencil and draw/paint/do ceramics/do anything creative yourself. And these pieces definitely do that.

Found via Mocoloco


Table full of plants

I would like to have a table like this. With all the plants, please.


Old New York

This autumn I guess my mind just wants to be in New York. Because again I want to post something related to the Big Apple. Colour photographs from old New York. These rare images by Charles W. Cushman from the 1940's give a glimpse of the old feeling in the city.




Sundays are made for long walks. Especially if it's just perfect autumn weather and you have a camera with you. We visited yesterday one of my favorite places in Tampere: Hatanpää arboretum. There was a rosegarden still full of gorgeous roses, apples everywhere, sun glistening from water, scary basements with skeleton paintings. And we continued our walk through the city, saw a rubber duck, beautiful shadows, a big whole just next to Klubi. Sunday, oh Sunday.