I love to be home again (if it's only for a few days).


People at work

I think it's in our nature that we do like a bit voyerism time to time. So that's why it's nice to see different kinds of work places that people have. Office Hours is great for that. This is Finnish illustrators Jaakko Pallasvuo's working place in Berlin.

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Last weekend it would have been great to be in India because of the Holi (Festival of Colors). The festival celebrates spring and I think that we should have this colourful and playful festival in Finland too because it is still so grey here.


Nomad lifestyle

As I've been having my own nomad life this spring I realized I should embrace a whole nomad lifestyle to make it complete. Luckily I happen to love all the prints and down to earth colours of this fashion style.

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Friday time

The casual afternoon finding great things at flea market turned into an evening and night with friends, having a few drinks and listening great music in various places. Spontaneous things are the best!


Sofa lust

For a long time (when I didn't have a table) I lusted after a table. Now that I have that perfect working/eating table (surprisingly from IKEA) I'm starting to lust after a sofa. How nice it would be to just have a place to read a book, take a nap or watch a movie. Maybe some day I'll get a sofa like this Slow Sofa by Frederik Roijé.


Wedding flowers

This I've been doing the whole week: wedding flowers. These are just the ones I brought home. Good inspiration place is Once Wed.


Rainbow cloud

Beautiful clouds over Mount Everest by Oleg Bartunov. Loving the colours.

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Missent to Thailand

My mom received a late Christmas card from Holland because it was missent to Thailand. I thought it was odd because I think you can read that it says Finland on the envelope (although Suomi is misspelled). But how nice it was to think that this little letter has travelled almost around the world.


Gifts from visitors

The restaurant was great (Plevna), the theatre was great (New Karleby), the visitors were great and the gifts were great (Siirtolapuutarha mugs by Marimekko).


Candles lit

Back home, again just for a few days. I'm starting to get a bit annoyed because of the constant travelling. But today visitors, good food and theatre. I think it will help.



I'm loving the walls in these pictures. And the white table too. And the photos on the shelf. And the horns. Actually there is nothing in these pictures that I don't love. I think I should move in that place. (Can't remember the name of the book where I scanned these.)


Woman warrior

Few days ago someone said something really nice to me and it led me to study a bit about women warriors and goddesses. It was an interesting study that I think I have to continue. But if I could choose I would want be Freyja or Inanna.


Clay island

It's so much fun to translate all the funny names of Finnish places to English. And Clay island or Savisaari is one of my favorite places. Today I just confirmed our annual holiday in there and then I got nostalgic looking all the photos from our previous visits. Having all my friends, good food and drink, sauna and summer night... that is just perfect. Looking forward.


Nature's force

It looks like someone just put legos there after playing them for a while but it's not. Cargo containers in Sendai, Japan (Itsuo Inouye/Asociated Press). Too cruel.

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Sunday walking

I just had a perfect Sunday walk with my friend (and at the end of it we found a perfect new chair!). We love this city and spring!

Pale palette girl

From time to time I go and have a look at Hel Looks: a website showing what people in Helsinki are wearing. And this morning I had the time to spend just reading blogs, finding things and I ran up to this girl and I love her style. Especially the leather jacket.



I found these photos via all the mountains. Just look at these then I will tell you something...

I thought these were some great artistic 1920's portraits that were just BEAUTIFUL and then I found out that these are Sydney police mug shots from the 20's. How can it be?! And if you go and have a look at other shots here you'll find out the crimes and stories behind the pictures.


Colour control

A couple of quiet days just because I had to do some things. But now I'm back home and I can post this picture that has been waiting for a while. My little brother drew this many years ago. He can't remember what it is but I just love it!


Food painting

When I saw this picture it made me want to draw and paint all the food I eat (and everything else that I see). And I want to go to this watercolour painting class with Dawn Tan at Harvest textiles. I also know one special person who would love a place like that (let's go there, Fifi).


Eagle... the name of my original home town (if you translate it into English). Visiting there is nice, just because it's so small, near sea and quiet. Leaving is a a bit nicer because I can't live so quietly anymore.


Candy jewellery

Loved them when I was a child, loving them still. How can that candy bracelet look so stylish?!

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I have been wanting these Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses for a while. And yesterday, while wandering around my original home town, I saw these in a shop window and I remembered how much I really want them. Also, my mother told me that my grandpa used to have sunglasses like these when he was young!


Tiny plant

How cute is this Colleen Jordan's wearable planter!

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Lonely bananas

This is from my sister's blog Olo, suhde & muutos. It's a picture from a Swedish food store and it says "Buy us! It's not our fault. We are just alone." So sweet marketing idea!