Guns don´t kill people. Lazer´s do!

I want this new album by Major Lazer. I also want their jacket. I want to see them live. And I want to free the universe.


The light of spring sun is everywhere. I would like to have this space for my mornings. Huge windows,   double-doors to the balcony, large kitchen and coffee and breakfast in the light.

Found via my scandinavian home


Natural Easter

I just booked a course for me and my man: natural dyeing with plants. I'm so excited, I've always wanted to try that and the best thing is that when I talked about this course I saw on a local school's website, Z also got interested and now we're going together! I think we will be collecting different plants the whole summer (if we're not longboarding).

And as the Easter is here soon, maybe I could try natural dyes for the Easter eggs too. I remember my mom doing that when I was a kid. Beware hippies, here we come!

Instructions here and here


Older than the Universe

There is a bit of a paradox if something is older than our universe. But this star just might be. It gives me a lot to think about at nights. Simple figures: our universe is 13.8 billion years old. And this star: 14.5 billion years (ok, within a measurement uncertainty of +– 800 million years)! Very fascinating.

Found via HubbleSite


Thrift shop

Today I heard about this song and my friend told me that they totally sing about me!!! So so so cool! Because they totally do! "I wear your grandad's clothes / I look incredible / I'm in this big ass coat / from the thrift shop on the road". I love this song!


Wilder Quarterly

I'm addicted to Wilder Quarterly. I found this publication while surfing on the Internet and it just screamed my name. Here's how they describe themselves:

"Wilder Quarterly is a publication for people enthralled by the natural and growing worlds. In our pages you’ll find green thumbs, rooftop gardeners, foodies and chefs, seed savers, architects, hobby farmers, horticulturalists, innovators, amateurs, and experts. Just your everyday mix of growing enthusiasts. Each issue is ‘life through the lens of the growing world’— indoors and out, culture, travel, food and design. Published seasonally for this generation of growers and the next."

I'm seriously thinking of subscribing this.

What do plants sound like? Wilder Quarterly Presents Mileece at The Museum Of Modern Art from Wilder Quarterly on Vimeo.


Open your eyes

I love sleeping. It's one the best things I know. And while you're at it, why not sleep on the most beautiful mattress I've ever seen! The coolest thing is that this Open Your Eeys Bedding mattress is all-natural and diy. 100 % cotton canvas tubes are filled with buckwheat hulls and then twisted to this beauty. I dream of sleeping on this.

Found via Anthology Magazine


The Grow Bottle

How great idea is this! Recycling wine bottles to make little hydrogardens and Grow Bottles look amazing too. I wish I had a glass saw. All my wine bottles would be little gardens.

Found via The Dieline


Electric Love

When I bumped into Electric Love, I was so amazed by their work that I couldn't even say anything for  a moment. Because their beautiful dreamcatchers just do that! You see them and you get this calm feeling and you're hypnotized by it. And of course I love their work because they are made of natural materials with the most elegant way. So inspiring! (And you can see their studio here.)


Go to: Kotka / Hamina

I've been on a much needed holiday. It would have been great if it was a bit longer, but at the moment just a few days was relaxing too. I went to Kotka and Hamina. I saw new things like Kotka's new market hall and  Maritime Centre Vellamo (the most amazing museum that I've ever visited!!!). Then I saw people that I haven't seen for a long time, remembered and bought teas that I haven't drank since high school and found beautiful things just for myself from the flea markets. I was also so delighted to see a product from my dear home village Huruksela: a garlic honey from Jaakkolan tila. So a good holiday indeed.


Rainforest green

I want green. I do not want this grey snow thing anymore. I've never wanted it. No one asked me. Where's the green?

Luckily I have an illustration project going on where I need to study jungle a little bit. So cool! And so much green.

Found via hqwalls


Bahari + The Thing

I cannot wait the spring to come! Because of our new babies! Tonight we tried to make it a bit easier for us to wait the snow to melt away and went to the basement of my building to take a little rides. And it was AWESOME!!! And this video of girls longboarding in the woods makes me dream of next summer and our planned trip to longboard in the archipelago of Turku. Spring, summer, where are you?!?!?!