Mimi Jung

These wall hangings by Mimi Jung from Brook&Lyn are gorgeous!! Especially the ones where she has combined wood bark with her weavings. I daydream of one of these.

Found via HonestlyWTF



My Christmas: long walks in the nature, all my darlings, good food, three different Christmas trees and just relaxing. It was so good.



My favorite Christmas presents! The only real things that one needs: great music (Jaakko Eino Kalevi, the most amazing Finnish electronic music), intelligent and interesting reading (Finnish astronomer Esko Valtaoja's Kaiken käsikirja, a book about everything) and beautiful design (Marimekko's Siirtolapuutarha-plates).


Gingerbread house

Last day before holiday! Happy Christmas to everyone! I'm taking a break here too. 

(The gingerbread house was inspired by one of my work projects and I had so much fun doing it.)



Tonight the theme is: how does stuff look like if it's grinded? The D/struct project by Lucas Maassen and Raw Color is amazing and then I found out this guy who grinds things with blender. Gone are the iPad and glow sticks!



Look what I got from my dear friend M, thank you thank you! (Ok, at first I have to admit that when I got this I was just so excited that I opened the present even it's not Christmas yet.) It's the traditional calendar by photography students from Lahti Institute of Design. This year the theme is wood and the calendar looks so amazing! Get yours here.


This song tells all about my mornings.


Winter warmness

It has been a constant snow storm here in Finland for at least two weeks now. I don't like it. I don't want to go out. Although the temperature isn't that low but the wind makes it feel ten times more cold. That's why the only clothes that I want to wear are knits because the only thing in my mind is to stay warm. And because I know that this will continue the next three months I would love to have cool sweaters and wool things more! Like amazingly talented Sandra Backlund's designs.



This night I'm going to a party that is 80's-glam rock-glitter-themed. I would love to have hair like this because that looks so cool! Too bad I don't have any glitter. Or anything to glue it to my hair...


Green design

New indoor garden designs from Kekkilä! I love the simplicity, I love the fact that these are designed for people who might not have a huge garden outside or balcony. Designed by Linda Bergroth and Klaus Aalto.


Christmas corner

This year my Christmas is situated in this corner.


I bumped into these amazing ARCTIPS felt boots by Töysän Kenkätehdas! Traditionally these are made from leather but I love this new way of making them. I bet they are so warm.



White rooms saturated with pure RGB shades! Does it sound cool? Yes it does. Carlos Cruz Diez has created these rooms since the 1960's and the project is still going strong.

Found via CoDesign


Wreaths and flowers

The thing that I really love about Christmas is the wreaths, twigs, flowers, Christmas tree and all the nature stuff. The walk in the forest to pick up all the branches that you need, then going inside to get warm again and spending hours just to make your own wreath, drinking warm mulled wine.

Found via My Scandinavian Home, Amy Merrick and Martha Stewart