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This was supposed to be a blog post about how I hate technology: how I spent 300 euros to buy a rubbish (I didn't know that at the time) phone and now the whole thing feels like I could have had more fun and functionality if I'd just burned the 300 euros. The phone doesn't even burn. And lately all the things about technology and the rush everyone seems to have to spend more money and materials an the lack of intimacy just feels so not me. I could just give away my every technology item and be happy. Okay, not true. I would NOT give away my Technics things.

But yes, this isn't a post about the things above but the thing that made my day today: new (and old) music!


Circle and stripes

How much you can express with just a few lines!!! Polish designer Michal Krasnopolski has made these amazing and simple movie posters that illustrate classic movies with a minimalistic touch. I love!

Found via Dailymail


I found this and the sentences actually summarize everything about me at the moment.


Graffiti adventures

We found some cool graffitis while in Jyväskylä!


The Wedding

Last weekend I was at a beautiful wedding. A small but very intimate and warm wedding. It was so nice to give some help (I arranged the wedding bouquet and made the other flower arrangements) and so amazing to see two very happy people (and other happy people too). And of course, then there was a wedding sauna, the sausages, the night sky and the next morning.


The Flower Recipe Book

I love this new book by Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo (who are Studio Choo): The Flower Recipe Book! The idea of a cook book with different recipes but the recipes are for flower arrangements. And the book looks so beautiful that I'm totally charmed.



This acorn-inspired ceiling lamp is so cute! The designer is Maija Puoskari, and the name sounded so familiar I had to check out where do I know her. And then I remembered that we've graduated from the same school and department. Oh, sometimes I miss my ceramics and glass design time.



Finnish photographer Vesa Oja made a trip to the North America to follow his roots and photographed Finnish Americans in their hometowns. And the photos are amazing! It's also funny to see the Finnish elements in a bit different environment. Or Finnish surnames amongst the English words.

Found via hs.fi


Science posters

The summer is slowly coming! And that's why my blog has been so quiet because I much rather spend my free time outside longboarding or biking. Finland's spring/summer is just too short to be in front of the computer all the time (that's what I do at work 5 days a week).

But check out what I found: these coolest ever science posters from Hydrogene Portfolio. I like!