My morning

This is what my morning usually looks like.


Onyxei and Helmut

I was absolutely amazed when I saw Alice in Wonderland-exhibition in Turku. There was one particular room, covered in old 1920's photographs that left me speachless. The thing was that they weren't old photographs but just styled and made to look like they were.

The photographs were by Atelieri O. Haapala which is a photographic studio that revives old traditions in portrait photography. The coolest thing is that the two photographers behind this are also living behind their characters: Onyxei Haapala and Helmut Schweinstein.


Milk and colour

I don't know why I like this video so much. Maybe because of the colour play or the fact that I have a little scientist in me who is very excited to watch something like this.



Dear blank, please blank is a fun project by Jared Wunsch and Hans Johnson. And I always lauch when I read these, so why not share this with you guys. 

And I have to tell you that now I'm more addicted to Internet than ever because my sister showed me this great site called  Stumble upon that shows you randoms websites according to your interests. I don't know if I should thank her or hate her (because now I want to spend my rainy days and nights just browsing through the web).


Go to: Turku

This is what we did in Turku: went for a lunch at Kerttu, shopped a little bit, had a snack at Sis. Deli+Café and then went on to watch some amazing exhibitions at Logomo. And then we visited the Turku castle which was so amazing too. Totally recommended to visit Turku this summer!


Pan Am

I love the simplicity of these Pan Am World Airways posters from 1971 (designed by Chermayeff & Geismar).

Found via Minimalissimo

I'm going to go to Turku (Finland's Capital of Culture 2011) for a few days to visit my sister and we want to get a culture overdose. I'll be back soon with pictures of my little holiday.


Modern meets old Dutch

I love those old Dutch flower paintings with black background and reminders of death and life all over the painting. There is something very similar but with a modern twist with these photographs of scanned plants and flowers that I found via Haute Nature. There are cool diy instructions and links to many sites with photos so beautiful (like Ellen Hoverkamp). Dutch painting by Jan Davidszoon de Heem.


Young generation rocks!

I just saw one of the best art exhibitions that I have ever seen. And the amazing part is that it was a collection of drawings and paintings by pupils from comprehensive and high schools of Tampere. We were amazed and same time in shock: just because we could still remember the time when we were those pupils and we didn't do drawings like that. We did boring things, not very special things. But in this exhibition called Kuvitella (Imagine) in Tampere main library Metso (until May 25) there were so many pieces that I wanted to buy. Times have changed...These photos don't do any justice, you have to see yourself.


Designing garden

This would be my dream job! Designing elements and furniture and marketing for gardens and gardening. Every year Kekkilä launches new design items that look great, are practical, are made in Finland and (most importantly) are marketed the way that everyone wants them. For example this shelf for gardening in a balcony is my favorite.


Those days

Yesterday I bumped into an old friend and it was so great, strange and unexpected at the same time. He hadn't changed a bit since the days we were in the Kuopio, having fun together and just enjoying our time (when not studying). Now we both live in the same area again (in a different city) and  have the same occupation (although we didn't study that when we knew each other back then). And all this after six years of not knowing what the other has been doing. It's funny!

All this was so overwhelming that I had to remind myself of the time when we were studying in Kuopio and I went through all my photos and had a long walk on the memory lane. These are some of the photos I found in my archives from the time when we had an awesome and huge flat just opposite the railway station, when we sang Singstar, partied until the sunrise and collected funky cards from our favorite funk bar.


Want to see stars?

I could spend hours just zooming in and out on this site: Photopic Sky Survey is a photographic project by Nick Risinger. You can see the stars and go even deeper. Totally addictive (to me at least)!


Indonesian island

My friends are going to a month-long sailing trip to Indonesia and we (mostly my friend "Fairytale") drew this card for them. We had so much fun doing it because we tried to remember how we drew when we were kids. Our favorite was the sun in the corner.


Slow morning

I love the sunny days when you have all the time in the world. You can sleep late, go to a slow breakfast at the market hall and then have a nice long walk in the sun. That is what I'm going to do today. And I'm going to go to this cafe that has become my regular (just because of the great wall photo of old Tampere and great service). I hope you'll enjoy your Saturday as much as I am.


Subtle movement

A while ago I saw animated photos by photographer Jamie Beck and I fell in love. Just how beautiful and dreamy this looks.

Found via HonestlyWTF


Blogger has been doing strange things lately. Like deleting my daily bloggings, sorry for that. Let's try again.

I really want this book by Mari Savio and Kati Rapia. Surrur - Tee oma Marimekkosi (Make your own Marimekko) is an inspirational book where different designers show how to be creative with Marimekko fabrics.


Friends night

On the weekend I visited my dear friends in Helsinki. They made me some delicious fennel soup, we had some wine and galliano. Then some coffee and cheese and pear with basil (I recommend!). We talked until the sun came down and then we strolled to other friends birthday party. I hope we will do it again soon.