Lately I've been doing things with different colours. First I made the most delicious ginger-apple jam and let my inner kitchen goddess out. Then I received the much-needed package of hair colours from B. And then we went to a natural dyes workshop with Z. That was so much fun and so inspirational and relaxing! So much joy from the avocado shells, the creeping woodsorrels and anything else from the nature (and garbage).


Kind of Trip hopping

My favorite music.

Ceramics workspace

I love different workspaces and I dream of my own space where I could do... well.. anything and everything. So this workspace interior by IKEA is just wonderful! Basic wood shelves, tables and everything. I want it all!

And ceramics, I'm really getting into ceramics again after starting the course few weeks ago.

Found via Riazzoli


Autumn hair

I've had a hair crisis for a while now. After playing with blue on my hair for the whole summer, I'm now getting a bit bored. And my own hair colour is starting to grow again and I remembered that I'm a redhead. A blonde redhead. So going back to the redness is quite natural actually.

I had an emergency call to my dearest hair stylist and friend Bambi from Osos Polares and he kindly sent me the emergency kit with pink and copper haircolours to mix with hair lotion. And tonight my hair crisis (hopefully) will be over. For now. Thank you B for being so darling!


Big Black Delta

New hipster music!!! Love!


Tampere Jazz Happening 2013

It's been released! The artists on this years Tampere Jazz Happening. We've been waiting this moment so long after last years Ebo Taylor gig that was definitely the best gig I've ever been. And now there are some good musicians also. Cannot decide what I want to see...


I've made great flea market founds recently. Especially the moccasins (Vagabond!).

Autumn dreaming

So much have been happening! So much that I haven't even been able to blog so much about life lately. But life is good. Actually very good. Z got to school and it will be a dream come true to him. He's going to be a chef! And then I started to go to a ceramics glass and put my hands in clay again. After five years of graduating to ceramics and glass designer. We've been adventuring: epic bike trips, nights in the strange bars, geocaching, lots of things... And then we decided to move in together! I think I'm the happiest girl alive.


Kid Loco

I really love this song. I've been listening to it the whole day.

Paper bags?

Is it paper or is it fabric? These Funagata waxed canvas bags (from here) look so amazingly like paper!