A friend from work invited me to her housewarming party and of course I went. I love seeing people's homes for the first time, they always tell so much about the person who lives there. Luckily I had my camera with me because there was so much to see! The home was great, the party was great and we had so much fun playing this game where you have to figure out words that begin with a specific letter (the game included this weird and colorful gadget on the floor and the machine voice tried to say the letters which was hilarious). And I met some new people which was awesome! So thanks to the greatest hostess!


  1. mistä noita oven päälle laitettavia punaisia ripustuskoukkuja saa?...

  2. Kodin Ykkösestä oon ne about puoli vuotta sitten ostanut. Ovat kyllä todella kätevät!