Ukki means grandfather in Finnish. And today I got something from my Ukki. He died a long time ago so this gift has kind of been waiting for me. When I was born, he opened a bank account with 1000 Finnish marks. And that was 28 years ago! The deal was this: when I turn 18 years old, I would have to buy jewel for myself so that I could remember my grandfather forever.

I turned 18 and then a bit more but I just couldn't buy just any jewel. I wanted it to be special and I wanted to figure out what's my style. So that I could wear the jewel every day. Then I had to get the money out of the account and luckily my dad found the original bank receipt and a note from my Ukki (a note that I haven't ever seen before).

And today is the day! About a month ago I went to a local jewelry designer, korus DESIGN, and he made me the most beautiful pendant that reminds me of my Ukki. The bigger stone is obsidian, which is basically naturally occurring volcanic glass, and the smaller is tourmaline. Now I have my Ukki with me all the time.


  1. Voi ei... niin kovin ihanaa.

  2. ... kaunis koru ...
    ... viesti on kuin lämmin halaus pilven reunalta ...
    ... nyt ei puutu enää kuin tytär :). vaan kun korun hankinnassakin meni kymmenen vuotta, niin eipä korun antamisella tyttärellekään ole vielä mikään kiire...
    L U t. Ukin tytär