Go to: St. Petersburg and Tallinn

The second trip on my summer holiday is here: a cruise to St. Petersburg and Tallinn with Kristina Katarina. It was actually a quite special trip as all my siblings were there and my mom, her man and most importantly Z, too. It's so rare to even have my sister and brothers in the same room nowadays so the 4 days on a same boat was just luxury! And the food on the boat was absolutely amazing, as always.

We spent two days in St. Petersburg which was very dreamy but strange city. I've always been interested in Russian tsars and the whole city just pulsates history and stories. Lately the old parts of St. Petersburg have been renovated and you can just imagine horse carriages going around the canals. We visited glamorous palaces covered with gold, garden bigger than you can imagine but still, everything seemed a bit sad. An old era that will never come back.

Well, enough of historical stories and nostalgia. We also visited some turist attraction places and one day we shopped in Tallinn. It was just a perfect ending to my holiday.

And!!!! When we were leaving the port of Helsinki I saw the King of Norway coming to his boat!!! The King!!!! WOWOOWOWWWW!!!

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