Rainbow shirt

A while ago I promised that I would share the pattern for this rainbow shirt with you. This is one of  the most reblogged things on my blog and so many has asked me where I got that shirt, where's the fabric from or where they would get the pattern. The thing has been that I sew the shirt myself, the fabric was a sale found from the local fabric store and I didn't have any pattern when I made it.

But now I've made a pattern for you! It's simple but so is this shirt. I think anyone can do this!

Just get your favorite fabric and then it just needs few little stitches. And yes, this is a one-size model, but you can also make it smaller or larger. It's up to you. The measurements are from the shirt that I made.

1. Cut the front and the back pieces. You can see the sleeve holes marked on the pattern.

2. First sew the shoulder seams and the side seams together  (front and back pieces). Remember to leave the sleeve holes open. Now you actually have the shirt roughly done!

3. If you want to make look more finished, hem the sleeve holes, neckline and the bottom.

You can download a pattern pdf here.