Wilder Quarterly

I'm addicted to Wilder Quarterly. I found this publication while surfing on the Internet and it just screamed my name. Here's how they describe themselves:

"Wilder Quarterly is a publication for people enthralled by the natural and growing worlds. In our pages you’ll find green thumbs, rooftop gardeners, foodies and chefs, seed savers, architects, hobby farmers, horticulturalists, innovators, amateurs, and experts. Just your everyday mix of growing enthusiasts. Each issue is ‘life through the lens of the growing world’— indoors and out, culture, travel, food and design. Published seasonally for this generation of growers and the next."

I'm seriously thinking of subscribing this.

What do plants sound like? Wilder Quarterly Presents Mileece at The Museum Of Modern Art from Wilder Quarterly on Vimeo.

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