Autumn flea

I have so many dear and cool clothes but I just don't use them anymore. So what would be a better way to share them than to organize a flea market! And this time I decided to try to do it in my blog.

Unfortunately this is only available in Finland. So be quick and hopefully these clothes will find a new home. I'm about size 40 to 42 so the clothes are something like that. And the shoes about size 39. All the clothes are in good shapeand in good condition. Just ask more if you are interested in anything.

 From left: vintage denim dress 7 euros, t-shirt 5 euros, silk dress 10 euros.

 From left: vintage dress 6 euros, knitted and sequined shirt 3 euros, leather jacket 20 euros.

From left: green silk shirt 5 euros, jacket 5 euros, knitted top 7 euros.

From left: leather jacket 15 euros, chiffon dress 7 euros.

From left: ankle boots 5 euros, red boots 7 euros, ankle boots 3 euros.

The prices don't include shipping costs, those will be added.


  1. huh apua, onko nää myyty jo? farkkumekko ja ruskea nahkatakki kiinnostaisi...

    1. Ei oo noita farkkumekkoa tai ruskeaa nahkatakkia myyty ;) joten jos oot kiinnostunut niin voin lähettää lisäkuvia/infoa. Laitapa mulle vaikka mailia, niin laitan sulle lisäinfoja. Mahtavaa!