Köszönöm Magyarország

Some of you may have noticed these on instagram already. But I still need to make a post here too about a wonderful homeless man who found my stolen credit card, driver's licence and all the other little stuff from my wallet and took it all to the Embassy of Finland in Budapest. And today I received a letter from "Hungary" and it included all those things. I just keep on thinking about that friendly man who bothered to make such a sweet thing. I know he's probably not going to read this but I'll send this to the universe: KÖSZÖNÖM! Én kínál egy étkezést, amikor találkozunk


  1. mitä tuo en ikinä tarkoittaa unkariksi? -B

    1. Ai tää "Én kínál egy étkezést, amikor találkozunk"? Se tarkoittaa että Tarjoan sulle aterian kun tavataan :)