Moccasins and Poni's adventures to The Secret Forest (or how to spend Sunday)

This Sunday has been again very much summer. I spent the whole morning on my balcony, cleaning it, watering my plants, writing my diary, reading, listening to Simian Mobile Disco's new album, sunbathing and drinking lots of coffee. Then I went biking. I wanted to go to this secret forest and beach where we went over a week ago. Back then I didn't take any photos because there were so many things to marvel. But now I wanted to photograph everything in that forest. Because it's so magical! Unfortunately I saw a dead fox which freaked me out a bit and then all the mosquitoes decided to attack me. Great. But I still love that forest and biking and sun and now I think I will go to my balcony again to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I really come alive when the weather gets warm, too. I especially love that first photo of your room.

    Enjoy the sun!