This is just for you to see that it took only few days for me to update my whole music system. But it was actually by accident, well sort of. Because now I'm a godmother to these huge speakers and stereos. You just cannot imagine the bass that I'm hearing at the moment. It might be a bit too much for me too (and I love bass). And the boy who convinced me to be the godmother also said that my apartment looks like a boy's apartment.

I also made some other additions and changes here. Now I have a shelf for my shoes which is just awesome (moved from the bathroom to make room for a washing machine). And few new plants so that I can set up a jungle. A Polaroid-camera! And a red Poni-bicycle!


  1. Music is always better listened to loudly (and with lots of bass)! I love your plants - I would like a jungle in my house but my cats would eat all of the plants. And I'm often told my house looks like a 'boys house' too - I don't have and florals or bright colors, no fancy stuff. Just wooden furniture, plants and crystals, mainly.

    I like that cabinet that your stereo is in. :)

    1. In my opinion boy's house is better than girl's :) And I love that cabinet too, I actually have two of them but the other one is waiting for me to get a bigger apartment. I think they're from the 60's or 70's.