I hope that someday soon I will have a bit bigger apartment so that I can have my own workspace (a separate room, please). I dream about it quite often. How I would have this large table in the middle of the room, then smaller tables on the sides and there would be my computer and sewing machine and all my drawing and painting stuff. The room would be full of light. Then I could just do whatever I do there and after that close the door and have a break. I would love that. I had a little inspiration adventure on the Internet. Check out.

Found via Freunde von Freunden and Riazzoli


  1. I'd love to have a larger studio too. Or just a studio space that isn't my kitchen/dining room. A girl can dream, I guess. I'd definitely do the multiple table thing as well. :)

  2. Yeah, at the moment my table is my dining table, my computer table, my sewing table, my drawing table and I think that is a bit too much ;)