Go to: Tallinn

Our little shopping trip to Tallinn wasn't so successful for the shopping part (but I did find a winter coat, great navajo-style scarf and a training pants). The weather was great, I saw many beautiful old and modern buildings (they really know how to mix modern and old together), we had great food (but not really Estonian food). I remembered how easily I get sea-sick and I also remembered that I do not enjoy cold hotels (although I enjoyed the Le Corbusier-feeling of the rooms), other Finns on the board and countries abroad where you here your own language. I think it's also a great sign of adulthood if you buy more food and wine from your trip to take home rather than other souveniers (Marks & Spencer, I love you). Plus: I got myself a little luxury in the form of perfume by Chloé and coconut body butter from Body Shop.

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  1. Ostit Sevignyn hajuveden vihdoin, uu, jee..