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The new Gotham city. I laughed so much when I saw that sign of Kotka-Hamina region, the newly named Gotham in the underground circles. Because it's perfect name (get it? Kot(ka)-Ham(ina) which is almost Gotham). So I decided to really try to make a great go to:-presentation while I was at Kotka, the place by the sea where I was born. But when I got there I remembered why I left: there isn't so much to see or do. That's a shame because Kotka would be a great little town if there were young people there to see the potential and really make it happen. But ok, there are good things too. Like the sea. And the most beautiful city garden Sapokka with its waterfalls and Japanese garden. Then there is the latest architectural achievement, maritime centre Vellamo. And at the moment the Great Plastic Cube (my old high school is under massive renovation and it is under all that plastic). I also recommend a trip in Kymi river (lots of rapids and great place for fishing). My trip at the river with my little brother was this time a bit rainy and we ended up having coffee break at our island lodge. The barley was almost ready and blueberries were so good. Altogether if you want peace and quiet holiday near water and forests and without anything else Kotka is your place.

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