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When I had my new computer still in boxes I went through my cd collection that I rarely listen nowadays. It was fun because I found so many great albums that I had forgotten. So I made a history of my music, just for you guys.

- My first cassette. All the beautiful children's songs like the one called Anna which I liked so much that my sister is named after that.

- Jyrki Cool Dance. One of my first cds. All the great 90's dance hits.

- R.E.M., Up. I was 15 when I heard their song Lotus on MTV. I fell in love and this album changed my music world (I have to admit that before this album my mysic consisted of Hanson, Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. Shame on me.) And still Lotus is one of my favorite songs!

- Nuspirit Helsinki. In high school I was the nerdy girl who spent all her savings on music. My favorite hobby was to go to the town's only music shop and buy albums just by the look. This nujazz album turned out to be also good music.

- Radiohead, Kid A. Also in high school I found Radiohead. Love at first sight. Few years later I had to stop listening to it for a while because I noticed that it made me depressed at that point of my life.

- Depeche Mode, Exciter. Again a high school discovery.

- Zero 7, Simple things. At seventeen I was living in Brighton, UK when I found Zero 7. This album lead me to listen more triphop and chill music.

- Incubus, Make Yourself. My high school best friend was huge Incubus fan and introduced me to it. And we had a big crush for Brandon Boyd.

- Prodigy, Experience. I cannot remember the first time I heard Prodigy but it was a long time ago. And I don't know why I like it so much but every time I hear it I want to dance (I think all my friends know me as the Prodigy girl).

- Beck, Midnite Vultures. High school again. Now I notice that high school has been the most influential time for my music taste. Like a revolution. I think this is the best of Beck's albums.

- Sneaker Pimps, Becoming X. This is not a high school found. I had to order this from abroad because you couldn't get it from Finland at that time.

- Bat for lashes, Two Suns. I think this is the last cd that I have actually bought and it's two years old. Nowadays I try to buy all the great albums in vinyl, not so much cds.

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