Yesterday I realised how much I really need my computer. Last week I was building an exhibition in another city, without my computer (or time to use one). And now that I have been back home for few days I don't have a computer. Well, actually I do but it is still just in pieces. Because my new computer has arrived with its large 24'' screen (that I'm loving allready) but today we are going to put it in order. So hopefully after today I will be able to update my blog, read my emails, read news and blogs, pay my bills do some work and everything that I do with computer (now I have my friends mini laptop for a few hours).

But for now I will tell you how much I like Karin who has this beautiful and interesting blog called Karkki. It's totally addictive blog and great excercise for me to practice my Swedish (as it is written in Swedish). 

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