Birch hill

My midsummer break is over and this week I've been doing work projects. And it's totally fun because one of the project is renovating a house that my dad bought last autumn. My job is to design the garden and we all (with my dad, sister and brothers) get to design and do the whole house. It's a project that takes a while but we are not in a hurry and it's nice to just do little things here and there.

This week I cut down some trees from the garden and just walked around to get inspired. You can follow our house project (the house is called Birch hill) here. We still haven't done anything inside the house but I'm in love with all the colours and the 60's feeling that it has.


  1. Mahtavaa! Tuommoisessa projektissa olisin itsekin mielelläni mukana. Blogiinne ei kuitenkaan ollut vierailijalla asiaa :(

  2. Oh, tarkastanpa blogiin pääsyn pikimmiten, siellä on nimittäin paljon lisää kuvia.