Those days

Yesterday I bumped into an old friend and it was so great, strange and unexpected at the same time. He hadn't changed a bit since the days we were in the Kuopio, having fun together and just enjoying our time (when not studying). Now we both live in the same area again (in a different city) and  have the same occupation (although we didn't study that when we knew each other back then). And all this after six years of not knowing what the other has been doing. It's funny!

All this was so overwhelming that I had to remind myself of the time when we were studying in Kuopio and I went through all my photos and had a long walk on the memory lane. These are some of the photos I found in my archives from the time when we had an awesome and huge flat just opposite the railway station, when we sang Singstar, partied until the sunrise and collected funky cards from our favorite funk bar.

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