Folk Jee

Long time, no see! I think I've been busy with everything. With life, I mean because so much has happened. But I came to tell you that I have a new blog project: Folk Jee. It's more like an online magazine, written in English AND in Finnish, where I gather things and interesting stuff from the kingdom on plants. So lots of green nature and garden things and also some traditional handcrafts in folklore kinda way. And then living slow and happy. That's what its all about.

I guess that means that this blog has come to an end. It's a bit sad but at the same time I'm so excited about my new baby, Folk Jee. I'm so happy to get into blogging again and I cannot wait to see you guys in my new blog too. So thank you /KNOW / FEEL, you were the best first love.


New adventures!

You may have noticed my absence from this blog. I'm sorry for being so quiet. Sometimes you just don't have enough energy or time to be so active with blogging or just following anything on Internet. That's what happened to me.

I was about to end this blog, but I changed it to a big break. Because I have realized I really need one big break. When writing a blog goes from fun to a stressful obligation, there is something very wrong (the same thing has happened with me writing a diary). I'm so convinced that I will be back on blogging some day, hopefully soon. With this blog or then something completely new. Because there are huge, still secret ideas bubbling in my head and I think the year 2014 will be so exciting! I hope you all the best year ever!


Acid jeans

I'm going to Helsinki this weekend and I cannot wait! We're (me and Bambi) going to have some fun with my hair. Something inspired by bubblegum situations. And of course the new hair needs new style things. And weird jeans have been on my shopping list for a while now. I have browsed through so many shops and now I have collected a group of good options. Here's my investigation results (and I really like the Weekday yellow ones):


New sofa!

Did I tell you that we've ordered a sofa! Finally! It's from Danish Karup and it's a futon sofa bed, linen coloured. It's perfect and hopefully coming soon.


Winter. Silent blog and just being inside, reading books, sauna, dreaming and sleeping. And just now I bumped into these weird shoes from Camper that somehow are quite interesting. I don't know if I really want these or if I really hate these...


Sweden / Sverige

Our neighbor is just better, bolder and more creative. It's a fact. I know it. Every time. Now this: a logo for their country, their own typeface, a cool webpage, everything! I love it! A note to Finland: We are boring!


Visual guidelines


I'm up all night to get lucky

I'm working in a night shift, I'm waiting the work to begin and I know that I will sleep only few hours this night. Somehow this made me laugh.

Found via Taika Mannila (my new favorite blog)

Flora & Laura

I just surfed into the coolest flower shop ever: Flora & Laura! A flower shop that doesn't really exist but that makes beautiful flowers stylings. This ticks all the boxes in my florist-graphic designer-gardener heart.


Stones + Glass

Ramon Todo combines glass with stones and makes art pieces that are just amazing! Loving the simplicity and contrast of transparent glass and rough stone.

Found via Colossal


Weekend song

Perfect things for home

After moving into a new apartment we've noticed that we need a kitchen table and benches and a couch. A hunt for the perfect ones has begun and we have had few candidates. But today I bumped into these in Japanese Hiromatsu online shop: Cielo couch and Gala table! P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Too bad that I think these are custom-made and delivered only in Japan...


Made from Cool

I love these Jack & Jones' advertisement videos. Christopher Walken is so cool and great and these videos are just AWESOME! These also remind me of my grandma who was a dressmaker and she had all the same sewing things that you can see on these clips.


Autumn review

It's been a few weeks since these photos happened, but so much has been going on (like that we've moved but that's a whole different blog post). But before that we went to check the autumn in Huruksela, my home village. And it was great again! Dad had cut the old independence spruce from the backyard, and then the small forest in front of Koivurinne had disappeared. We found two old stools and we took the paint off from them. And we picked so much mushrooms! I quite like the fall this way.


The Grand Budapest Hotel, part 1: The Poster

Landet Järna

I just found the most perfect flower shop I've ever seen! Landet Järna in Sweden is specialized in wild flowers and it follows the seasons with their collection of flowers. It also uses the locally grown flowers. I've been wanting something like this in Finland too. Maybe someday. Or maybe I should move to Sweden...

Found via Emmas designblogg


Corkigami chair

I really like this idea of a chair by Carlos Ortega Design: making 3D things of 2D materials. Makes me want to fold papers into things the whole day!

Found via Cool Hunting



I love mathematics! Especially when it's visualized. Because it's actually visualized everywhere you look. Omg, I could talk about the beauty of mathematics for so long...

So I love these data visualizations by Cristian Ilies Vasile and Martin Krzywinski. These are Pi and other mathematical numbers. Gorgeous!



Ukki means grandfather in Finnish. And today I got something from my Ukki. He died a long time ago so this gift has kind of been waiting for me. When I was born, he opened a bank account with 1000 Finnish marks. And that was 28 years ago! The deal was this: when I turn 18 years old, I would have to buy jewel for myself so that I could remember my grandfather forever.

I turned 18 and then a bit more but I just couldn't buy just any jewel. I wanted it to be special and I wanted to figure out what's my style. So that I could wear the jewel every day. Then I had to get the money out of the account and luckily my dad found the original bank receipt and a note from my Ukki (a note that I haven't ever seen before).

And today is the day! About a month ago I went to a local jewelry designer, korus DESIGN, and he made me the most beautiful pendant that reminds me of my Ukki. The bigger stone is obsidian, which is basically naturally occurring volcanic glass, and the smaller is tourmaline. Now I have my Ukki with me all the time.